Begin Your Laser Hair Removal Regiment Now and Be Smooth By Summer

La Belle Medical Spa, Merced, California Laser Hair Removal Regiment Dr. Alireza Mahmoudieh, MD,

How does laser hair removal work?

Unlike waxing and other services, laser hair removal damages the hair follicle, which greatly delays hair growth. It targets a specific area, like your armpits or legs, and uses lasers that transmit heat down the hair shaft.

Laser hair removal typically requires multiple treatments for about two to three months. After the first few treatments, hair will still grow in the treated area, however, much less hair growth occurs. It usually takes a few minutes to have a small area treated, but larger areas can take up to an hour to treat.

The first few treatments won’t permanently destroy your hair follicles. It usually requires three to seven treatments until the hair follicles are completely removed, so it’s best to start your treatment sooner rather than later.

Risks associated with laser hair treatment

It’s common to experience some minor pain and discomfort during and after the treatment. Numbing cream is usually applied to your skin to reduce discomfort, and you may experience some minor side effects after the treatment, such as:

Scarring and infection from laser hair removal is extremely rare, but it can happen. To reduce the risk, stay out of the sun until the treated area is no longer sensitive.

What to expect after treatment

You may notice some minor redness and swelling, accompanied by slight discomfort. To ease these symptoms, ice the area periodically until it feels better. Your hair will slowly begin shedding over the next few days to weeks.

Depending on your hair and skin color, the results and how long they last, will vary. For example, if you have darker hair and light skin, you’ll have the best results. Hair colors that don’t absorb light as well, like red and blonde, may not have the same results.

Advances in technology, however, are constantly being made. These advancements have greatly improved results for people with light hair or dark skin.

Why should you choose laser hair treatments?

It’s no secret that most people need to shave several times each month. All that shaving often causes razor burn and ingrown hairs, which certainly isn’t fun.

Laser hair removal is a fast and effective method to remove hair. It’s safe, doesn’t require surgery, and it saves you money and time in the long run. No more monthly shaves or waxes for you!

Dr. Alireza Mahmoudieh, MD, is a board-certified radiologist with over 20 years of experience in oncology. He’s the main provider at La Belle Medical Spa in Merced, California. He’s well-known in his community and always welcomes his patients with a smile.

So if you’re ready to remove that unwanted hair, get in touch with La Belle Medical Spa today!

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