How SculpSure Works to Help You Lose Those Last Stubborn Pounds

The battle to achieve and maintain healthy body weight is never easy, especially as you get older, so congratulations on your hard work. You should be rewarded with the body shape that you want, but sometimes, your body won’t agree with you.

As time passes, fat stores accumulate in your body, even when you’re running lean, in places that create bulges and rolls, and these don’t accurately reflect the efforts you’ve put into diet and workouts.

Hormonal changes, in both women and men, are often responsible, creating the tell-tale roundness that declares you have a mom or dad bod. Another routine at the gym won’t help, because these fat stores sit between your toned muscle and skin. Further muscle toning will still be hidden.

The case for lipolysis

To be clear, you don’t need further weight loss. You can get into aggressive calorie deficits and there’s still no guarantee your body will draw energy from the fat deposits you want to target. That leaves one option: lipolysis, the medical removal of excess fat tissue.

For years, liposuction was virtually the only way to get rid of fat bulges. However, a surgical solution can be somewhat extreme, particularly when you’re so close to rocking the beach body you’ve worked hard to acquire.

Who wants surgical downtime and new scars? Today, you no longer need to fuss with incisions. The power of lasers makes effective, non-invasive lipolysis easy.

How SculpSure® works

The first laser system to be cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for the reduction of fat cells, SculpSure® uses laser light energy and a property of fat cells to trigger a natural removal of cells in several common problem areas.

Because lasers can be tuned to specific wavelengths of light, it’s possible to target beams for absorption by specific tissue. Lasers absorbed by fat tissue are largely invisible to outer skin layers, so there’s no need to cut through skin to access fat deposits.

Combine this with the heat tolerance of fat tissue, which has a comparatively narrow range. Raised about 10 degrees above normal body temperature, fat cells reach a coagulation point where your body perceives these as damaged and begins a natural metabolic process to dispose of the damaged fat tissue.

In a single 25-minute treatment session, up to 24% of the fat cells targeted by SculpSure’s lasers can be brought to the coagulation point.

SculpSure’s results

Because SculpSure triggers a natural process, it takes a few weeks for your body to start disposing of excess fat cells. You’ll likely have noticeable results at six weeks, with maximum reduction showing at about 12 weeks. Better still, these results are permanent. Since your weight is already under control, there’s no need for your body to collect additional fat.

SculpSure treats excess fat stores under your chin, on your back, your love handles, belly, or thighs. If you’re unhappy with your current shape, it’s time to contact La Belle Medical Spa, by phone or online, to schedule your personal consultation and learn more about what SculpSure can do to fine-tune your body.

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