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Know Your Ingredients! Sensitive Skin

Do you struggle with sensitive skin? Are you frustrated with products not delivering the effects that you desire? Here are a few of our products that are proven winners with sensitive skin needs.

Cleansing without stripping the protective barrier is key. Try our La Belle Gentle Antioxidant Soothing Cleanser or Gentle Cleanser by Z.O. Both are loaded with green tea poly phenols, camelia & cucumber extracts to thoroughly clean and smooth sensitive skin while protecting the important acid mantle.

Bring skin to it's functioning pH level with a Gentle Balancing Toner by Z.O. With witch hazel & glycolic acid, skin is strengthened, prepped and ready to receive treatments such as Retinols or Vitamin C. Support skin health by boosting its youthful plumpness with our La Belle Ultra Hyaluronic Acid serum. For sensitive groups, additional non-greasy moisture gives skin a resilience, which is important for preventing redness or dry patches.

Lastly, protecting your skin with a powerful SPF (or evening moisturizer) to give your skin the armor it needs to face the day! Nothing is more harmful or aging for skin than pollution, allergens, free radicals or UV rays! Try our SPF + Primer for an all day glow with the protection your sensitive skin craves!


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