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Recently, research in the skincare world has revealed the many benefits of topical Niacinamide.  The advantages are profound as Niacinamide assistsing in the building of proteins which help keep skin strong and resilient by encouraging keratin and ceramides in the lipid barrier of our skin.  Niacinamide is derived from Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin, although they are different forms of this vital protein building vitamin.  Topical Niacinamide reduces redness, regulates sebum production (oil), protects against environmental stressors such as sun damage, pollution and free radicals, and even helps to shrink enlarged pores - by virtue of its skin strengthening attributes. 

Although Niacinamide skin care serums are a positive addition to any skin care routine, it is particularly powerful for acne sufferers. Niacinamide’s sebum regulation, anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial properties and pore size reduction traits makes it a powerful ally in the treatment of breakout prone, hormonal and sensitive acneic skin.  It can be used morning and night after your toner, and prior to your sunscreen or night time moisturizer. 

Although both are AHAs, Niacinamide and Vitamin C serums should NOT be used together, however it does “play nice” with Retinol products and the benefits together can be a win-win for those with acne skin issues.

Catherine Puckett L.E.

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