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What is a Laser?

Components of a Laser & Specialized Light Filtration

Lasers are versatile when it comes to treatments, some of the issues we can treat with lasers include but are not limited to: Permanent fat destruction, Scars, Stretchmarks, Fine lines & Wrinkles, Cellulite, Age Spots, Sun Spots, Tattoo Removal and more! Now let’s learn about what makes each laser unique for the treatment it was created for.

Let’s break it down, in general, a laser requires a power supply & a medium, which determines the nanometer of light emitted by the laser and it will produce light of a particular wavelength. Mediums are chosen based on the purpose of the treatment.

Lasers vs Pulsed Light:

A laser is a monochromatic beam of light (same wavelength of light) which, travels coherently, meaning the beams travel together or parallel and is collimated, so it will not disperse with distance under the appropriate conditions.

Pulsed Light, used in intense pulsed light systems (IPL), is like an intense flash light. It emits polychromatic or a combination of light frequencies, it is not parallel and disperses with distance. The undesired frequencies are filtered out to maximize results and minimize patient discomfort.

Specialized light filtration systems, like IPL, are used for treatments like laser hair removal and skin resurfacing.  

For example, the MaxG handpiece is designed to target pigment and hemoglobin, as you can see in the image, between the frequencies of 670nm to 870nm there is a significant reduction of absorption by the desired tissues. These frequencies are filtered out to minimize bulk tissue heating and maximize patient comfort during treatments.

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